Eating At International Bawarchi Food Outlet

Me as a Customer

User Journey Map is the visual representation of user journey that a user have to go through to complete a task or experience the service. User can divide the whole journey in small parts or steps to make an elaborated or explained version of each interaction that user go through during each step. Each step includes touchpoints, experience, emotion and comments or solutions.

Step 1: Travelling Towards My Destination

To satisfy my tastes buds, I started my journey. My friend accompanied in this journey.

Touchpoints: Car, seat belts, music system

Experience: Got annoyed with traffic, irritated due to honking of another vehicle

Step 2: Parking My Vehicle

When I arrived at the parking space, quickly we found an empty space for our vehicle due to fewer vehicles.

Touchpoints: Parking Receipt, Car Keys
Experience: Felt amazing as I found the parking space quickly

Google Map depicting the location of food outlet

Step 3: Reaching The Food Outlet

After parking our car, we were not able to find the food outlet. So, we tried searching the outlet through Google Map and found it in few seconds.

Touchpoints: Google Maps, Phone
Experience: Confused as I couldn’t find the food outlet

Menu, zomato screenshot
Menu, zomato screenshot

Step 4: Placing The Food Order

We arrived at the food outlet, and then we had a chat with the owner at first. After that, we went through the menu, which was quite long, but we managed to order a few things through some owner’s suggestions and the Zomato app.

Touchpoints: Zomato app, Owner, Menu
Experience: Confused

Step 5: Waiting For The Food

After placing the order, we had to wait for a couple of minutes and during that period I was so impatient that I was looking at my phone screen multiple times to check the time.

Touchpoints: Phone clock

Experience: Starving, Impatient

Step 6: Eating The Food

Finally, our food arrived and before taking the first bite, I took a nice photo of my meal, and then we started eating.

Touchpoints: Phone Camera
Experience: Mesmerized by the food’s presentation

Paying through Paytm
Paying through Paytm

Step 7: Payment

After we had our food now it was time to pay the food bill.

Touchpoints: Paytm App
Experience: Satisfied, Overeating

Author standing near the vehicle in the parking space
Author standing near the vehicle in the parking space

Step 8: Checkout From The Parking

Now we went to the parking, started the vehicle and paid the parking guy our parking charges and went back home.

Touchpoints: Cash

Experience: Relaxed

Thank You

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