Starting My Design Journey

For all aspiring designers out there….

Nowadays, design is getting more popular, more and more people are willing to learn and know design. People want to explore the designing field, but do they even know:

What is Design?

Design is anything that seems to be aesthetically pleasing and simultaneously helps in the proper functioning or usage of a product. Every design has a meaning and purpose to serve. A design needs to have the perfect combination of form and function. Form and function go hand in hand in the design, our design must go along with our product functioning.

The design has been out there for a long time, our forefathers did design subconsciously in the past to make bow arrow and other things because they needed to make better product and through designing only they were able to get their desired tools. Now, design is much more formal and is consciously practiced by people in 21st Century. People know the importance of a well-designed product, and that is why the demand for designers is increasing day by day.

We know that what design is, but how can we differentiate between good and bad design?

Good Vs Bad Design?

A Good Design is a well thought and well-executed design, to which a user is comfortable interacting and can understand product uses easily without any assistance. Whereas, a Bad design is not well researched or not to have been executed properly if the design doesn’t go with the product or serve the product.

  1. A good design is easy to understand, and a bad design is complex and sometimes has some unnecessary things in it.
  2. A good design is aesthetic, but a bad design is not pleasing to the eyes of the viewer.
  3. Good design is easy to understand, and bad design is complicated sometimes.
  4. A good design is able to convey its message in few things, but a bad design fails to deliver the message even with much more elements.
  5. Good design makes a product long-lasting and itself stays for a longer period of time, but bad design reduces the product’s life and is not able to survive for long.
  6. Good design helps the product in its functionality, but bad design sometimes makes the product less functional.

Bad Designs

Whale Lamp

This table lamp does not have a great design as you can see it have a little switch which is responsible for the main power after sliding this switch only, the user is able to switch the lamp ON. But due to the size of the button or switch, it caused me some bad experiences.

Sofa Set Old

We all have sofa sets in our living room to relax and have a comfortable space for us and our guest. But some household now also have these old-fashioned sofas. The design of these old sofas is not good at all, proper cushioning is not there and back support is not there. The design doesn’t fulfil the purpose of being there in this product because people cannot relax or be comfortable on these old sofas.

Wazir X Desktop Website

Cryptocurrency has seen a boom of investors after the success of Dogecoin and made many millionaires in 2020. But a layman always finds it difficult to interact with these crypto trading sites such as Wazir X. The order section in the desktop version has two-column, open order and closed order. Open order has orders which investors and traders have placed but have not executed, everything is fine with this column but when we look at closed order it shows all order like the history of the order and the order we placed recently. Rather than having three columns, they have limited things in two-column, making things confusing and complicated for people who are new to the interface.

Philips Trimmer’s Tiny Button

Philips trimmer is considered an amazing product, but lately, the trimmer that I use has been causing some troubles due to its tiny button that locks and unlock the main button. The trimmer has only one main button through which the user has to Switch it On and Off, but due to the locking mechanism of this button, it has caused me some inconvenience. I need to make several attempts to switch the trimmer ON. The tiny button at the top of the main button is truly a sign of bad design here.

Dust Picker

Most of the Indian household people use dust picker and broom to clean their house, but the design of dust picker is not good because every time we sweep the dust towards the dust picker through our broom, some dust is not able to get on the dust picker and the people have to sweep that remaining dust continuously through broom to clean the floor. The constant effort to get dust on that dust picker is something that a bad design is capable of doing.

Good Design

Boat Headphones

I don’t get easily impressed when it comes to headphones, but these headphones have some great design. The headphones have a headphone jack, through which we can listen to music or use it even when the battery is low. The red color is well suited for gamers it sparks energy and passion in every user. It has three buttons through which we can control volume, play next and previous song and many other features.

Keyboard Align

Nowadays, every smartphone has a cool feature in which we can align the keyboard according to our preference to left, right and centre which according to me is a good design because the user can type with his single hand. It makes the keyboard more useful and efficient usually it requires 2 hands on a centre-aligned keyboard, but if a righty wants to align the keyboard to the right, he can now type faster without much hassle and involvement of his other hand.

Alight Motion

Alight motion is a motion graphics and animation app used in a smartphone and I have experienced that it has a great design. It has few features, perfectly classified under each option. It let users work on a vertical screen, unlike other apps operating on a horizontal screen, restrict our finger movement across the screen. We are more inclined towards a vertical screen rather than a horizontal screen, that’s why alight motion has a good design.

Instagram Settings Search

There is a new add-on on Instagram that enables us to search for things inside settings, which according to me is a sign of great design. This new add-on has really solved some problem and made the design more simple. It has made it more convenient for a user to get what he was looking for in a few clicks.